circus lumineszenz


The passage of infinite reflections "Ereignishorizont" proposes the expansion of a transit area by the use of light; new dimensions become visible when the light interacts with the facets of a system designed to deceive the senses. What was apparent might not be there. What we think may not exist, now seems real and it is displayed in front of us. An endless game of shapes that twist our perception of space-time continuum.

The Sound / Light installation can be installed in open spaces as well as in interior spaces, and it consists of a structure of stable aluminium profile, which holds plates of mirrored Plexiglas on the side walls as well as the ceiling, transforming the passage into an "infinite" reflective tunnel. A grid of addressable LED strips is mounted on the mirrored Plexiglas and controlled by a special software and hardware in order to display patterns as desired. Each individual LED is operated independently and receives specific values of hue and brightness. In this way, it is possible to produce beautifully complex patterns throughout the entire grid. The effects of this system amplified by the reflections phenomena created by the opposition of mirrored plates, provides endless perceptual possibilities. An example of this system can be seen in the following link which shows a prototype built under the same mechanism:

A self-composed music piece intensifies the experience of the passers-by and places an accent on the abstract happening of each visitor.


Ereignishorizont contemplates on the characteristics of space-time utilizing Light as a medium, while taking advantage of the spectator's point of view to analyse and question its existence. We are aware of the existence of space because we can perceive it, predominantly through our sight. We can see it if there is Light, therefore Light is a medium to make space a vivid experience.

Our body becomes a point of reference and the environment is affected by our presence, as in physics and quantum mechanics, the result is affected by the act of observation and our intentional immersion creates a physical connection to this transient space, apparently empty; emptiness filled with Light.

The mirrors play a very important role in our self awareness and our understanding of the space we occupy, which becomes very evident in such a surrounding. However, because of the infinite reflections caused by the installation, the deception is great, and reality becomes fragments of itself. Time and consequently space get distorted and metaphorically, our consciousness turns volatile, ephemeral. We doubt about reality in this space of finite dimensions that glow in endless luminescence.

Poetically, Ereignishorizont represents a boundary in space-time beyond which we have no access, no possibility of manipulation. Once Light travels beyond this point, its destiny is subject to the rules that apply in an environment that is out of our control, and these rules allow nothing to come back, to escape. Not even Light.