circus lumineszenz


Circus Lumineszenz Workshops are about discovering new ways of creation immersed in a playful habitat, while building a loving and caring relationship with each other.

We have different proposals which differ on their focus, approach and duration, but in all of them we work with creative technology and the power of our imagination. We will play music and create soundscapes with the most crazy musical instruments. We will get into "light painting" with a photo camera. We will create visuals with different lights and objects. We will investigate the most amazing facts about light and its many usages, and if the workshop is long enough, we will create together a theater piece/performance where we will apply all the knowledge incorporated.

We create a ludic environment, designed to enhance the creative, social, intellectual and motor skills of children, while revealing some of the mechanisms used nowadays for the production of artistic performances.

The duration of the workshops is flexible, going from one hour to several days. Below the pictures, you can find a document with the conceptual background behind them, and several links with examples of workshops that we had already carried out.

Nina Fountedakis - artist and art therapist/aesthetic education
Leo Bettinelli M.A. - multimedia artist and musician

Photos (Ars Electronica IKT 2014)

English: Conceptual background
Deutsch: Konzeptueller Hintergrund
Castellano: Entorno conceptual


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