circus lumineszenz


Immersive Light / Sound Installation

“illuuh” is a 5 minutes session where the participants are invited to experience a trip driven by the effects of stroboscopic lights; patterns, colours and shapes appear as some kind of illusion created by our own self; a trick of perception.

The configuration includes a specially composed soundscape, and up to 60 light spots which are controlled in real time inside of a space which has been filled with artificial fog. The utilization of fog in this environment provokes the loss of spacial perspective while acting as a refractive element for the light derived from the light spots. Therefore, the visitors have the feeling to be immersed in Light. The sum of all of these inputs and tweaks are devised to put the spectator in a particularly artificial environment where the senses can no longer identify reality as we are used to do outside this space. Besides, the use of rapidly changing patterns and colours from the lights spots overwhelms our vision (both optically as well as neurologically) inducing our brains to "see" patterns that do not exist outside of our bodies.

The experience can be presented outdoors in two formats: inside of a 3mts x 3mts black out tent for a maximum of 7 people (16 light spots) or inside of a 3mts x 6mts black out tent for a maximum of 16 people (22 light spots). Indoors, the set up is much more flexible and it is possible to use almost any desired space.

As most of what happens inside of this experiential space is subjective and it is produced inside our visitor´s brains, it is not possible to film this action in order to show in a video its results. We have been presenting this experience in very different events, with always the same response fro the audience: Awe, excitement, wonder, fascination...