circus lumineszenz

Lumi Seeds

Lumi Seeds or Seeds of Light are a depiction of the kind of seeds that sit on the tree during the winter, waiting for the spring to be awakened, while they vibrate with their life within. The Lumi Seeds are fantastical bioluminescent entities; 30 to 40 centimeters unevenly twisted spirals which display a colourful program when the sun goes down. They communicate and behave both as a group and as individuals.

We currently have 60 Lumi Seeds, and we are able to drive 12 to 15 pieces with a single controller. This meand that we have enough Lumi Seeds to "dress" up to 5 trees.

Lumi Seeds Promo Video:

You can also see the whole program in the following video:

All our installations are waterproof and have been tested in the austrian forests during winter under rough weather conditions. Every setup can work "stand-alone" or be controlled in real-time via DMX / ARTNET if requested.

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