circus lumineszenz


Ihé is a series of works where I explore the interaction between different Lights sources, for instance white leds, rgb leds, lasers, etc, and media such as glass, optic lenses, dichroic filters and other kind of filters, to create exquisite abstract "light paintings".

The inclusion of motors in the systems provoque a constant change in the configurations created, designed to be imperceptible to the rush glance of the viewer, that becomes apparent on a more detailed observation.

Phenomena such as diffraction, refraction and reflection are involved in these delicate arrangements.

Photos Ihe 00

In the following video it is possible to observe a detail of a working prototype. As it normally happens when trying to depict in videos or photographs artworks which include the use of Light, it does not correctly reflect its potential. The first 50 seconds, the video is accelerated 20 times, and then is shown in its real speed.