circus lumineszenz

Luminescent Forest

"Luminescent Forest" is a Multimedia Installation in which we have put together most of the Light sculptures we built so far. All of these objects tell a story; the fantasy story of a natural environment which is inhabited by Light beings.

Luminescent Forest is comprised by the following Installations:

Oumua - 6 meters high / 10 meters diameter Light / Sound installation
Callitriche - 10 meters diameter floating installation
It´s raining Light - umbrella´s light installation
Lumi Seeds - 60 pieces of twisted spirals to hang from trees
Imled Lamps - 4 pieces infinite mirror lamps
Pupa - 3 pieces, 2 meters high Light cocoons
Phos - 1 piece, 2 meters high Light sphere
Laser Harp - our magical portal to another dimension

Also, it is possible to complement all of these with special lightning controlled via wireless DMX, projections, and diverse effects such as fog machines, bubbles machines, hidden speakers and more.