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Nothing like Infinity

Nothing like Infinity is Light Installation composed of 5 huge Light Kaleidoscopes, each of them displaying a special arrangement created by different Light configurations. Their significant size enhances the effect of the Kaleidoscope by giving us the impression of diving into this new dimension of shape and colour; a wormhole to a distant place in the universe.

From the outside, the Kaleidoscopes are as well covered with mirror plates, which makes them rather invisible while at the same time displaying fragments of the real world in distorted configurations. This interesting game amplifies our experience when we decide to look into the objects, and discover a new dimension.

As the play with Light happens inside the of Kaleidoscopes, the effect is also possible to be enjoyed during daytime, which is a very special feature for a Light Installation.

There is of course a Photo Kaleidoscope in the series, where people are invited to shoot portraits of themself inside of this world of infinite facets. Everybody wants to have their photo taken here, and it is a great hit for Social Media visibility.

The Kaleidoscopes are waterproof, really easy to install, require no maintenance and very little electricity. Operation with batteries is also possible in case there is no electricity available.

Nothing like Infinity @ Blockheide Leuchtet 2023

Download technical requirements in English