circus lumineszenz

Laser Harp Q

sound/light/movement immersive installation

Laser Harp Q is an Interactive Immersive Sound / Light Installation; a participatory musical instrument comprised by four frames (2mts wide x 2mts high) disposed shaping a three dimensional cube, each frame with 12 lasers beams vertically arranged. Interrupting these laser beams with any part of the body, causes a sound to be triggered and an array of Leds to be turned on.

Each frame comprises an instrument itself with its own set of sound, while each four frames are tuned under the same tonality. This way, the audience is invited to take part of the experience by playing one of these frames alone or together with other participants who can play the other frames.

Laser Harp Q is an unusual electronic instrument that encourages participation & collaboration. We get closer to other people in order to create together; create while having fun.

This instrument is based on its little sibling, the Laser Harp. For more detail in its way of working refer to

We have 2 very different clips in 2 very different circumstances. Check them both out!

Laser Harp Q @ Visualia 2017

Laser Harp Q @ Lab30


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